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Alper Çağanlabel artist &booking

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Alper Çağan is an Istanbul-based electronic music producer. His musical journey started at the age of 14 with the coming of the piano to his house. Then, he began to improvise in his own way, days and nights... Melodies have been piled up and moved with him to Istanbul, and at one point they are buried under kick and bass through his discovery of the Istanbul club scene. His sonic path filled with techno, IDM, as well as contemporary classical music, led him to explore the possible encounters between abstract piano recordings and club-oriented music.

"The Things That I Wait For" is a sound-portrait of an artist who's waiting for coming out, while constantly creating hope as a surviving strategy in the dark times. Waiting is a state of fusing the notions of now and future, also is a trial to grasp the evolution of missing things into the utopia. Waiting is not a dull negative of the movement. Instead, movement comes from the excitement of piling up within stillness and the hope comes from the vacillation buried in hopelessness. “The Things That I Wait For” is a 5-track wishlist in which all the songs seek to find a critical potential of waiting. The songs are not a-waiting but waiting for the thing which is missing...


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