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Efe Demiral label artist 

14 years old when he started playing guitar, Efe Demiral received his initial music training at Nazim Hikmet Academy - Department of Music between 2009–2011 and worked with renowned artists, such as Erkan Oğur, Ayse Tütüncü, Murat Opus while studying Turkish music as well as guitar, composition and harmony. In 2011, he worked Live Conducting with Butch Morris at SALT. In the summer of 2011, Demiral was admitted to Department of Music at Istanbul Bilgi University where he had the opportunity to work with distinguished artists such as Selen Gülün, Tolga Tüzün and Turgut Pögün. Demiral’s debut album ‘Inside Out’ was released in January 2016 and received favorable reviews from prominent figures. As this album integrates electro-acoustic components with guitar, within its genre, ‘Inside Out’ is considered as the first of its kind in Turkey. Demiral also started to work as music arranger and producer with Gözde Öney’s album 'İki Gölge' (Two Shadows) in 2017 and he continued to make production for various artists in Turkey. In addition to his work with various quartets and trios, and solo artists including Barış Demirel Barıştık Mı, Can Kazaz, Gözde Öney, Sena Şener and Simge Pınar, working with stage and studio sessions. He played at Montreux Jazz Festival 2019 Talent Awards with his band Barış Demirel Barıştık Mı. His second album ‘Uyku Pansiyon’ (Sleep Pension) produced by the Bilgi Music Label was released in January 2019. 


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