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With their debut album “The Constant Fear of Being Judged (by you)” they bring forward the calm and rough, raw and refined sounds. Acoustically and polyrhymically played drums combined with texture based piano playing, an underground sound engineer with a guitar playing traditional and unconceptual melodies with a bass whose unstability sustain stability. A meditation like jazz music, which is almost in the realms of neo-classical music, meets sound design and experiments of emotions and sounds. It is like a calm carnaval where everybody gets a smile on their faces when everybody joins the spiritual wave that the band creates. Uç! Uç! makes an honest and conceptual minimal music which turns into something bigger with every step into the music. 

Drums: Mustafa Kemal Emirel 
Piano: Onur Nevşehir 
Electronics: Barış Ergün 
Electric Guitar: Bahadır Kartal 
Bass Guitar: Taylan Öner