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Can Tan / label artist

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Besides his solo projects Can Tan had been a member of bands such as Mai, Toz ve Toz, Motormoose, Duygusal Provokasyon and since 2017 Robotik Hayaller, ihe met the audience with his first solo album “Dunkelheit im Horizont’’ where he focused on restoring / revisiting the harmonies he abandoned for some time. The first song that has the same title with the album “Dunkelheit im Horizont’’ is based upon a short story written for Can Tan by Rafet Aslan, where as the other two songs creates the complimentary and opposition souls to this story. The album was released digitally on January the 11th 2019, by Shalgam Records.

His second album Soul Path was released  digitally and on vinyl by Shalgam records in October 2019. This was a follow up project of Game Airs (Oyun Havaları) that was produced 12 years ago. This project happened as being in awe of Ninja Arcade Games, especially Ninja Warrior. 

During the pandemic in 2020 can Tan continued to produce and he released, home made recorded album ‘’Home Series’’ in 2020 August. This album has songs that were featured with Anadol, Barış Demirel (Barıştık mı), Özüm Itez (Hayvanlar Alemi)and saxophone player Ali Onur Olgun.
After a year break, he is now releasing his third album Imaginary Beings, Strange Creatures by Shalgam records. In this album, the artist takes the listeners from Cordoba, where Corto Maltes spent his childhood, to the ships of the unfortunate Conquistadors, who got lost in the Atlantic Ocean, with the breezes of Salsa and Rumba, which he uses profusely in this album. Accompanied by Cem Tan in percussion and Ali Onur Olgun and Lester Chaykin in wind instruments, the album Imaginary Beings, Strange Creatures was recorded in Datça and Istanbul. In this album, Can Tan creates a zombie carnival decoration in the black rivers of Paguna with his Psychedelic guitars. He makes fun of the unlucky Conquistadors and chases after the riddles of tens/thousands of years. He's reaching for the moon in pursuit of that eternal ghost with a burial, lost stones, a lost snake, and silent seashells.


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