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Cihan Bilgin label artist & booking 

Istanbul based singer/songwriter.

Cihan Bilgin, or with his real name Taha Cihan Saldiraner was born in 1989 in Kadıköy. In 2013, he started releasing songs based on acoustic guitar. He had held many concerts on the cult stages of Istanbul as lead vocal/rhythm guitar in bands such as “Tamam O Zaman” and “Galaksiler” that dominated the indie rock and synth pop tones of the period. He attracted attention with his performance of "Kraterler" at the Sofar (Istanbul) concert and the version of the same song produced by Ozan Kınasakal and the video clip prepared by Tolga Tarhan took their place on all legal platforms in 2020.

In 2021, he released a mini-documentary called "Her Şey Yolundadır Umarım" and it's acoustic soundtrack album with the same name and after he released two different singles called "Neyse Neyse" who produced by Ömer Çelik by Soft Analog and "Karadelik" who produced by Kerkayas.

When the calendars showed the year 2022, he independently released his latest single called "Television" whose produced by Alazkara.

In today's world where people are lost in the consumer society, Cihan Bilgin aims to bring his sound formed by the collision of indie, blues and electronic music to the independent music audience, accompanied by meaningful lyrics, simple rhythms and repetitive guitar solos.


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