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Danslı Parti / label artist 

Danslı Parti (İstanbul / TR) was founded in 2012 and is shaped around musical friends. It follows a simple protocol; the tunes get piled up, heavily criticized, and the survivors are brewed again. Musical friends are notified at the end of this long and intense process.

Alongside Toros Senan and Emre Malikler, Danslı Parti enjoyed the gifted companionship of Volkan Akkoç, Mert Dipevliler, Melike Şahin, Elif Dikeç, Ozan Tekin, Aydın Balpınar, and Malas Construmbres (Barcelona / Catalonia). In the upcoming album, “iii”, Danslı Parti listens carefully to Can Güngör, Berkay Küçükbaşlar, Can Aydemir, and Ozan Tekin.


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