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Dozi Ozovski label artist &booking

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Dozi Ozovski launched his solo career with Kozmik Kapak (LP) in 2019. Funky yet resolving electric guitars and Berlin School inspired synthesizers set the scene for later releases such as Gömmek İmkansız (Single) and Gökyüzü 2020 (Single). 
In 2022, Uzak Ülke (EP) was released via Shalgam Records and met critical acclaim, as his sound shifted towards synth-pop and electronica. As a follow up to this disco-ish sulky company, he released two more singles in the same year; Kusurların Arttığında and Tek Tip Tasa. 
His second LP Sanki Bir  was released on May '23 and Dozi gave numerous concerts throught Istanbul and Ankara. 


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