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Eve Dönüş Yok label artist &booking

Eve Dönüş Yok was founded in 2016 by Batuhan Özmen (vocals, guitar), Enis Duman (synthesizer) and İpek Ektaş (guitar, vocals, synthesizer). The first single, "Eve Dönüş Yok", released from the Bilgi Music Label in 2017, bearing the same name as the group, found its place in many playlists after receiving appreciation from the music community. In 2018, the band released their first EP which was named ‘’EDY EP’’, consisting of four tracks. Accelerating their album work after the single "Sonsuz Aşk" released in the summer of 2019, the group appeared before the audience with their first album, "Mikro İktidar Alanları", consisting of 10 tracks, in the fall of 2020.
On 2020, Istanbul Municipality Department of Culture organized a concert at prestigious Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall and Eve Dönüş Yok performed one track Dans which was first released in Eve Dönüş Yok’s self titled EP on 2018.
This was a reconstructed version of the track with a new minimalistic approach because everything was so stranded in the era itself. The band turned their attention to their own resources and reinterpreted the song with their innervision.This time “Dans” finds itself with much easy going attitude within the everyday life’s chaos. On September 2022  Gölgen was released by Shalgam Records. The band continued working on their last EP and released on April 7 2023 by Shalgam Records. They are continuing playing in prestigious venues and festivals in Turkey and planning to release their new EP on 2024.


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