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GNZY / label artist

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From a young age GNZY was surrounded by intriguing physical and spoken narratives. Compliments to the ancient Greeks and the collective pain and memory of the diverse peoples who occupied the land he grew up on, he was allured by storytelling at a very young age. This curiosity would lead him to study design and architecture, a discipline he would embody so much that it would become ubiquitous in his expression, including music.

As an artist he realised the need for a new medium to manifest his creative output - one which would allow for more freedom. He had been playing guitar casually since his early twenties and so he naturally started to explore songwriting as a hobby. It wasn’t until he got a glimpse of music production that he realised there was no turning back. He bought an OP-Z sequencer which inspired him to write his first collection of songs on the train on his way to work. He experimented with ambient electronic music, and was fascinated by soundscapes and narrative driven sampling and before he knew it - he was making hip-hop. 

In late 2020 in the midst of the Covid out-break he recorded a demo for his first album ‘Doku, Koku, Sen, Ben, Biz.’ in his spare bedroom in Melbourne, Australia - which he would eventually use to entice Can Kuman and Batuhan Polat. Over the course of the next few months the trio started working on the production of DKSBB. With each member bringing their own musical flair, a genre-busting collection of tracks started to come to life. Across four, three-day intensive camp sessions in Istanbul they arranged the basic instrumentals, and recorded all the vocals. Polat, an established singer songwriter, improvised most of the guitars and some of the other instrumentals during these sessions and Kuman, a composer with a particular interest in experimental jazz and electro-acoustics found creative avenues to reflect these techniques throughout the album. The songs were then produced, mixed and mastered by Kuman in his home studio, through a remote, collaborative and creative process.


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