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Öykü Aras / label artist

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Born in 1992, Istanbul, Öykü Aras received an education in fine arts in France, where she focused on the communication and cycle of ‘voice’ and ‘breath’ as well as their connection to human emotion and the body itself.

She realized performances in which she activated clay and glass pieces she created, through her voice and breath. She researched human’s and human voice’s relationship with the core, along with primal and spiritual impressions.

She participated in various free improvisation and vocal improvisation workshops and in 2018, created the first song of ‘İçimize Doğru’ album, ‘Kökler ve Dallar’, which received its name from the ‘Kökler ve Dallar’ community. In 2019, she entered a phase of elaborative collaboration with producer Şevket Akıncı and musicians Zeynep Oktar and Nihal Saruhanlı to execute her first album. The album contains multiple layers and different styles of music, and it illuminates the importance of self-exploration and connection to one’s essence.


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