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Ponza / label artist

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The story of Ponza begins when Güneş Akyürek and drummer Salih Topuz were drawn to a farm at Kerpe. They spent two months dreaming and re-arranging the psych flavored experimental demos Akyürek recorded at his house since 2011 and the duo ended up at the studio of Çağan Tunalı to record the selected four songs.


In the album Güneş Akyürek performed vocals, electric and bass guitars and Salih Topuz performed the drums and all instruments are tuned in 432 Hz. Fearlessly they experimented on traditional and modern recording technics using every analog and digital toys they can find and came up with hi-fi album whit a lo-fi spirit. The EP mixed and mastered by Çağan Tunalı.  With the long time fellows, Burak Serter (bass) and Doğukan Acar (synthesizer) aligning the orbit, Ponza continues to experience the journey.


Shooting their first music video at Kerpe, the birthplace of the band to the song naming the album “Free Kids” they created a spring breeze at internet. Ponza’s debut EP “Free Kids” was released digitally and physically on vinyl by Shalgam Records.


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