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Puck / label artist, booking

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Puck takes its name from the folkloric spirit, infamous for its malicious nature. The band utilizes musical material derived from improvisation, shaping it into compositions. Their music is influenced by various genres and artists, reflecting a combination of the band members' personal histories and tastes. 
Puck was formed as a trio by Uğur Küpeli on drums, Mert Soykan on guitar, and Ömer Akalın on bass. Uğur and Mert's history goes back to high school, where they used to play together. They decided to play together once again when Uğur came back from New York, where he studied jazz. Ömer joined the band soon after, playing his own pieces at the time under the name Erlenmeyer3000. Puck was formed in 2022. Since then, they have been giving concerts in Istanbul and are set to release their debut album in November 2023.


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