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Tuğçe Şenoğul / label artist 

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‘Gölgelerine’ is an album that fell in to darkness of the night. The Dark side of the moon, a state of eclipse. The lyrics has been written over the darkness of existing -of existence, and the impact of fear on this darkness, the effect of our subconscious on the growing darkness within, is also the notion that shaped the sound of the album. The  production of the album took 2 and a half years with lyrics and music written and performed by Tuğçe Şenoğul while Görkem Karabudak and Taner Yücel being the producers.

The album stands as a metaphor of a place where uncannyness meets sensuality, and a poetic naivite meets melancholia of the long gone innocence of childhood. These songs convey us the brutality of truth, the destruction it causes to us and the utter sorrow it unveils within one that transforms the listener to a whole new mental state. Her voice brings us closer to the mysteries and depth of the night. As if a drop of rain gliding down a misty window, a dreamy beauty.


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