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Voyvolabel artist &booking

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Formed by Anıl Can (Guitar/Vocals), Mert Berkay Saraç (Bass), and Tuğrul Yanık (Drums), Voyvo is coming up with a unique brand of alternative rock blends influences from grunge, Britpop, and art rock to create a captivating sound. In 2016, the band first met in Taksim to play their favorite tracks by bands like Nirvana and immediately clicked musically. Following their first single, a dystopian art rock piece “Renksiz” (later re-made and relaunched in 2020), Voyvo began playing high-energy shows around Istanbul and extended their hand by winning the 19th Battle of the Bands by radyoboğaziçi. Their debut EP "Bir Garip Aşk Hikayesi" fueled their passion and drove them to push boundaries, sonically and ideologically. In 2022, their continued dedication to self-discovery has led them to build their own studio. Supplied by extensive amounts of coffee (and friendship), the band has produced and recorded their first album. The first single, "Gezegen”, the chaotic electro-punk madnes warmed up the audience and then the iconic first album of the band ‘’ Zaman Zehir’’ was released. The band gave many concerts in Istanbul following their first album release and now working on their new EP.

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